A wedding anniversary is a special day. It’s a day to recall falling in love, getting married, and the wonderful memories you’ve created since then. It’s a day to pamper your better half, to remind them just how much they mean to you and how thankful you are to have them in your life. Our personalized anniversary book will take your spouse on a heart-felt trip down memory-lane, while showing him or her your affection is just as strong as it was the day you both said, “I do.” This is a wonderful gift for your parents, your spouse or a favorite couple. As they knew it would, life brought many changes for Beth and Matt: many surprises, many challenges, many unexpected turns in the road. But nothing altered everything quite as much as the arrival of Michael and Susan! Through many special experiences that only parents understand, Beth and Matt found their love for one another growing deep and strong. And now they are grandparents to Mark, Jessica, Austin, John, and Kyle, and great-grandparents to Helen! also available is humorous version A perfect blend of lighthearted satire and fond memories, this version of our personalized wedding anniversary book is a great gift for a spouse, or a couple, with a good sense of humor. It has been more than 12 years since they met. Back then Matt was bold, fit, and handsome, a refined gentleman of noble birth, sterling character and manly demeanor. Beth was lovely, gentle, and beautiful, a spirited woman of artistic sensitivity and rare intellectual depth. What a difference 12 years can make!

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